Amritec has the equipment and experience to execute seamlessly. Our expansive fleet of backhoe dredges, dump scows, and drilling and blasting equipmentseparates us from the field in this demanding work.


While the right equipment is a necessity, so is experience. Our management is proudto have completed some of the largest harbor deepening and navigation projects


Amritec’s experience in environmental dredging is unparalleled. We are proud to have completed the most significant environmental dredging projects. Our clients have consistently chosen our experienced teams for their attention to detail, the ability to develop customized solutions, and proven execution skills. Environmental dredging requires the highest level of precision to ensure that all stakeholder needs are met. Our management team thrives in this type of work and looks forward to bringing their expertise to many more projects.


Amritec can perform a wide range of shore reclamation and beach renourishment projects. We can develop the right solution for virtually any project. In addition, our team has many years of experience in dealing with Beach Renourishment projects’ unique environmental and safety concerns.


Amritec has a capability of marine drilling and blasting projects, working in shipping channels and active waterways without disruption. All blasting and dredging operations are strategically implemented without interruption to the busiest harbors and ports.

Marine Services


The activities of Amritec ensures that shipping traffic is possible. We maintain the depth of rivers and canals, expand existing ports, and build new ones. By strengthening and extending coastlines, we protect life on land. We offer clients creative and innovative customized solutions and can vouch for their design, execution, and maintenance.

Land reclamation

We create new beaches and develops new land for residential, recreational, or industrial use. Dredging vessels spray the soil ashore using the rainbowing technique or pump it to the shore through a pipeline. We can also use dump trucks for filling up the site.

Port infrastructure work

When constructing new ports, no infrastructure is available yet and we must start from scratch. We realize access channels, turning basins and berthing docks. We also build terminals or entire port buildings from scratch.

Coastal and shore protection

We maintain coastlines by replenishing them with sand after erosion has taken place. But we do more. We install protective structures for vulnerable coastal areas to arm them against rising sea levels. In this way, we can break heavy waves and reduce their impact on the coast. When – creating coastal protection structures, we make active use of the ecological function of shores to  enrich the fauna and flora.


By dredging waterways such as rivers, access channels, turning basins and harbor docks, these are maintained, deepened, or widened for the passage of larger vessels.

Our partners have a fleet of trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, split hopper barges and backhoe dredgers. Depending on the nature of the soil to be dredged and the required draught, the best suited vessels are deployed. When dredging contaminated sediments, we can also take on their treatment.

Few Words from Our Clients

"Concept’s Consultant did a great job on CLD analysis. This provided great insight for us and will continue to help us make better decisions as we grow."
Ernest Smith
Francisco Customer
"Concept’s Consultant did a great job on CLD analysis. This provided great insight for us and will continue to help us make better decisions as we grow."
Stella Smith

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