Energy efficiency is key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future


Amritec is doing its overseas business in the field of transmission and distribution with world toptier technologies that have been developed indigenously and now it leads to more business opportunities for other fields in foreign markets.

Especially, other than existing businesses, such as the construction of transmission & distribution channels and consulting, we are making efforts to promote the export its outstanding electricity technologies including automated system, remote meter-reading system, and human resource training program.


Amritec takes the investment, construction, and operation of power generations as core business. We are committed to re-electrification and energy connectivity, meeting the power demand with clean and green alternatives.


Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution

Our partners have also completed the Van 600MW Converter Station Project in Turkey: It is the first DC converter station project in Turkey. A 600MW back-to-back converter station will be built in the city of Van in the east of Turkey. We are responsible for principal design and supply of the main equipment for the project, including converter valves, converter transformers, smoothing reactors, AC filter banks and auxiliary secondary equipment, etc., as well as the testing and commissioning of the supplied equipment.

We performed EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) projects for the transmission & distribution system in Kazakhstan, Dominican Republic and India, and set up an automated distribution system in Egypt. Based on these outstanding business references and expertise accumulated in transmission & distribution services, we have expanded its scope into a trial establishment of AMI in Sri Lanka, a distribution channel boosting project in the northern Philippines, an ESS EPC consulting project in Guam, and a SCADA/EMS consulting project in Uzbekistan. Through these projects, we are trying to not just expand regional coverage, but also
secure a new growth engine for the future.

We are aiming to move on to the next phase of each project and discover a high value-added business opportunity by making most of human network and quality technologies accumulated through a number of transmission & distribution projects in cooperation with local and overseas companies.

Few Words from Our Clients

"Concept’s Consultant did a great job on CLD analysis. This provided great insight for us and will continue to help us make better decisions as we grow."
Ernest Smith
Francisco Customer
"Concept’s Consultant did a great job on CLD analysis. This provided great insight for us and will continue to help us make better decisions as we grow."
Stella Smith